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34 years of existence and the sheer exhaustion of carrying out the responsibilities that were entrusted to me even before adulthood, finally made me say, "Enough is enough! I deserve a break from everything!" There were days when I could feel the whole weight of the responsibilities on my shoulder…

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It's been almost a month since bell hooks left this world. For the cynic inside me, it is much easier to accept the lovelessness in this world than coming to terms with the loss of bell hooks. She came to me at a time when I thought that nothing could…

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"Books are the solitudes in which we meet."

And I met Rebecca Solnit again, while she was wondering about what to do with the huge pile of apricots she received as a kind of inheritance from her mother. From there, we went on a journey together, flipping through a book of stories that we have been telling ourselves…

Reflections on re-reading after a decade

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"You are educated, financially independent and living life on your own terms. I don't understand why you are still complaining about women being treated unfairly", a male friend remarked quite exasperatedly.

For a moment, I thought he was right. What exactly I am complaining about? Who is stopping me from…

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Let me tell you the story of curly-haired girls before it was fashionable. I am naturally curly and have never straightened my hair even once. As a child, I have been called many names for having this wild hair — Bhadrakaali, Parachi, Aadivasi et al (These are some caste-based slurs…


In search of the stories I cannot hold in my heart

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