Day 19: Intangible Photographs

At my home, we were never keen on keeping photographs. We do have some of our childhood photos and the wedding album of my parents. Over the years it has been neglected and now leaving a few photos everything has been ruined. I always make grand plans for recovering them. But I never made any effort for that. Does it mean that none of us want to keep those memories intact? I visit the houses of my friends where each and every photo is treasured and it always makes me wonder about my familiy's lack of interest in photographs.

When my sister got married, we managed to make a collage of some photos without giving much thought and gifted that to her. Then we left an entire collection of childhood photos for fungus. It is difficult to understand the motive behind each of these actions. When I became financially independent, I spent a lot of money in traveling. I have a decent collection of photos from those trips and always posted those in Instagram. In a way I was showing off to others that I have been to all those places. But over time it has become visual journal for me. I remember all those moments I captured and every photo remains close to my heart even now. Even though I am not active in instagram now, I keep going back to check my profile and to relive those times. It has become a tool to savour those past moments again and be grateful for that moments. I still don't have any of that photos framed. I am happy to have it in a virtual world.

One of the reason why I don't like to have a physical form of such memories is that I never liked to own things. I like it when these memories don't have a tangible form. Every now and then I think about changing this and having a few photos framed. But I haven't made the effort to do the same. May be some day I will change. Till then I like to scroll through my virtual feed instead of staring at a frame on the wall.



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