How tithing helped me to overcome financial insecurities?

A few years ago, I was neck deep in debt. Even at the peril of sounding defensive, I would have to tell you that it was none of my fault. My parents have never been good with money and I happened to pay the price for that, quite literally. For someone who is always a worry-er, it has been catastrophic to my mental health and it eventually lead to psychosomatic disorders. The worry, pain, insomnia - it was a vicious cycle and I thought I never could go back to the normal way of life.

It was around this time that I made a new friend, one who was trained hypnotherapy and Reiki. She was a constant source of support during those depressing months. After hearing a lot of my worries about money, one day she told me that I need to give a portion of money away. Can you imagine that? Here I am in deep shit, with money lenders calling me back and forth, worrying about how can I spare money for the rent and expensed, and this woman is telling me to give away the money. JUST IMAGINE!! She told me that my mind is operating from a scarcity point of view and it would do me tonnes of good if I change my mindset. I scoffed at her - "It is easy for you to say that. You never had to spend even one second of your lifetime worrying about money". Thankfully she didn't abandon me and we continue to be friends even now. Though I have dismissed her advice, the conversation had some impact on me.

A few months passed and nothing really changed with respect to my behaviour. Then a natural disaster struck my state and seeing the horrible images in the news, I couldn't help giving away the little money I had in my account at that time. It was not a substantial amount, but a little bit that kept aside for my monthly expenses. At that moment, it was difficult to see a future where the money I have in my bank account mattered. It made me question about the things that I took for granted. It was like a suddent spurt of growth. From that month onwards, I always tried to give away a portion of my salary on the causes that I believed in.

Once I started doing this, there were subtle changes in the way I handled money. Till then I used to despise money. I had this belief that only shallow people chase money and this was because deep down I thought that I am not worthy enough to have more money. Giving away a portion of my salary to help others made me realise the value of the money and how it can make and break you. I became more confident in life, asked for promotion and when I was not happy with the payraise from the promotion, I asked for a salary revision. The point here is I got whatever I asked for. An year ago, this would have been an impossible task for me. But once I started understanding the value of money, asking for such things was not embarassing, but necessary.

Almsot an year passed and I landed in a job with substantial payraise. I started giving away more money. Then we landed in a Pandemic world. Everything was going bad, the inevitable recession that would follow and there was insecurity about the job. But I gave away more money in the initial months of lock down because more people were distressed and I wanted to do whatever help I can. I believe that it gave me a purpose during those difficult time and kept me sane.

I continue giving away money every month and I have never felt this good. I worry less about money these days and it has reduced so much stress from my life. So if you are someone who thinks that you don’t have enough money to donate, please reconsider. I am doing it for the most selfish reasons - to make myself happy. It is definitely worth a try !



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