Kaleidoscopic Dreams

I have always been enchanted by that image of a million colors splashing whenever I close my eyes. As a kid, I used to believe that it is magic. A part of me still want to believe that it is magic. Unfortunately the adult self know that it's a phenomenon called Phosphene and we are not wired in a way to forget things that we want to forget. Nevertheless I find that it is a fascinating way to be present at the moment. I squeeze my eyes in different ways and try to produce different patterns and colors. At that moment, I never think of anything else. All I want to see is the most amazing patterns and the only regret is that I cannot capture that beauty in any way.

Until now, I never thought of it as something that makes me feel grounded. Today after a session of playing with this phenomenon, it struck me that I briefly forgot about everything else in the world. During that time, the only thing mattered was the changing patterns inside my head. I have been practicing meditation for a few months to calm down my overactive mind. Even though it has helped me in its own way, I never experienced this sort of complete presence while doing meditation. In that mode, it is more about being aware of what thoughts comes to me and how I need to let it go. Even though this peacefulness was not new to me, I never associated it with being present and mindful.

It got me thinking that may be all of our life's problems can be resolved if we keep a child like enthusiasm with us. We don't need elaborate morning routines or exclusive guidance from the meditation gurus. All we need to do is to point our internal compass to the emotions we used to have as kids and channel it properly.



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