What is a life lesson you feel everyone can benefit from learning?

Photo by Thomas Yohei on Unsplash

Ever had those long and dreary days when you felt like you cannot get out of your bed? What a stupid question, am I right? Part of us that makes us human is the unavoidability of such days. What we make out of such days is another question altogether.

I have had many such days and still do. On those days, all I want to do is wallow in my misery. But if such days wreck our lives frequently, we need to have a framework for bouncing back. It took more than thirty years for me to figure it out. The solution is to get out of our heads, do something physical and be consistent with it. I know it is easy for me to say. Believe me, when I started out also I had the same doubts. That’s why I am telling you to do this.

If you are starting out, I would not say to you to go and do a 30 minutes workout routine. Beginnings should always be sweet and simple. Pick up something that looks easy to you and do it for 5–10 minutes. Even the jumping jacks are more than enough. This is for stimulating the blood flow and stopping living inside our heads. That’s the first step.

The next step is maintaining consistency. Do it this 5minutes routine almost daily. I don’t want you to beat yourself up about it. But keep a healthy consistency and show up for yourself. As you keep doing this for months, you will notice subtle shifts in the way you handle life. You start to concentrate on the important things and slowly you will add new healthy habits to the current workout routine. Before you know it, your moody days are somewhat less frequent and you would feel good about your life. Even when you want to spend the rest of your day in bed, you shake that feeling off and try to get at least some minutes of physical activity. You understand the necessity of physical exercise in functioning as a full-grown adult and you stick with it.

If somebody had told me to do this in my 20s, I would have probably scoffed at them. But believe me, all good things start when you decide to have that blood pumped up all over your body rather than concentrating only on the things that your mind keep telling you.



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