What’s a superpower you’d love to have?

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

My philosophical self knows that mistakes are part of life. There is no point in carrying around regrets throughout life. But there is a small voice in my head that whispers, “what if I could time travel and make it right?”. That’s the superpower I want to have — to go back in time and make amends or at least cause less hurt.

The ideal way to live would be to gauge every action and word and not fall prey to emotions. But how many of us could do that all the time? We are all going through the ups and downs of life. They affect each of us differently. Some day we will be able to listen and empathize. Some days it would be exhausting and all you want is to snap at the other person. We are all mere mortals. Maybe some of us can remain stoics all the time. But the reality is that majority cannot. So there are going to be words or actions we want to take back. I definitely have many incidents that I wish I could correct. If given a chance, I would go back in time and make amends.

My sensible self knows that I have learned from those mistakes and strive to do better in such circumstances. Yet, my days are still not without regrets. I wonder there is anyone in the world who does not have regrets.



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